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Rachel Steele's Debut EP "Stupid Love" - a Review

The award-winning Rachel Steele has just added to her resume of musical accomplishments with the premiere of her debut EP “Stupid Love.” Recorded and produced in Nashville with country music great Bobby Randall, this marks Rachel’s first nationally released music and makes her a serious contender in the growing landscape of Country Music artists.

While the Sacramento singer/songwriter kicked off 2018 with the release of her 6-track EP “Stupid Love,” Rachel is also planning to drop her debut music video, ‘Here to Get My Stuff,’ the lead track for “Stupid Love.”

Rachel’s band members for the album included Kelly Back (guitars), Jacob Lalonde (drums), Melissa Lee (background vocals), Duncan Mullins (bass), Mark Oliverius (piano, B3, Strings), and Bobby Randall (Steel String).

The EP starts out with ‘Here to Get My Stuff,’ a fast-paced song dealing with a breakup between a man addicted to video games and a woman who proves to be strong enough to just walk away. Great intro on guitar as Rachel’s attitude can be heard throughout the songs chorus. The track sets the pace for the remainder of the EP, as Rachel sings about different phases in relationships from breakups and breakdowns to a bit of the ‘Classic’ love.

Rachel’s attitude infused vocals are heard on her more driving songs such as “Addiction’ and ‘Stupid Love,’ commanding the listeners attention.

Slowing things down with ‘Classic’, ‘Mama’ and ‘Run,’ Rachel takes a break from her more sassy side and dials in the charm with a nice mix of influences including country with a bit of a gospel sound.

All in all, this EP hits the spot, especially as a Rachel Steele’s debut EP. While it would have been nice to hear a couple of songs geared toward something other than relationships - wait - Then it wouldn’t be country music then would it?

Between Rachel and the band, everyone was hitting on all cylinders making this an EP worth listening to.

Rachel is currently touring with Road 88. Band members include; Michelle Elizabeth (vocals), Richard Flinders (keys), Bob Kinney (guitar/vocals), Charlie McGimsey (drums), Vinnie Pantaleoni (bass) and Scott Prentice (guitar/vocals)

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Photo Credit: Suha Musallam

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